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X Series enclosures drives and controls housings

The Smart factory and automation industry are growing rapidly each year and, with these changes in technology, enclosure solutions are becoming standardised. Enclosures once seen in office and home environments are now not only restricted to these applications, but also for factory and industrial devices. CamdenBoss is bridging the gap between working applications and environments by manufacturing a complete array of enclosure choices that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. By doing this, compliance can be balanced with more enclosures throughout the ranges.

Developments in engineering encourage the progression of techniques used in the assembly of centralised control units. By staying aware of advances in technology, the complexity that they may bring can be more easily managed.

DIN Rail systems are often found within panel-built systems due to their easy assembly feature and flexibility. As a globally recognised system using standard set sizes, manufacturers of enclosures can adapt their products to suit. In turn, panel electronic designers can opt for an enclosure that is capable of mounting without hassle. Common components such as circuit breakers, fused protection devices or power switches are amongst various other devices used.

CamdenBoss develops and manufactures electronic enclosures and components that provide customer driven solutions to a wide range of industries. Enclosures such as the CNMB and CDIB series provide a modular option, with snap fit parts such as top covers and terminal guards that are moulded in various styles. Open to full customisation, these enclosures are available in a number of different lengths and offer many PCB mounting positions throughout the enclosure.

Alternatively, the CVB plus series delivers engineers with up to 16 wiring connections, in a deep but slim profile. Ideal for multiple modules within a panel system working alongside each other in complex set ups.

Custom PCB’s can be designed and slotted into specially sized interface supports, although this provides no physical cover and therefore is not recommended for high power applications. They are more practical for applications such as RJ45’s and fused circuit protection. Manufactured to PCB widths of 107mm and 72mm, the CIME series is available in either a modular or extruded variation. With this freedom of choice, the CIME can be matched to your PCB specification.

As well as this, a panel builder also has to think about the protection of both the user and the components and electronics that make up an assembly, by placing it within a robust electrical enclosure. With a huge selection of products on the market from large scale floor to ceiling cabinets to smaller wall mountable units, understanding the requirements of the panel and the environment in which it will operate will determine the most suitable enclosure. The X series range of electrical enclosures from CamdenBoss provides a high IP rating and impact resistance for panels that may be used in outdoor or indoor environments. Moulded in various styles, the X8 has many features for panel electronics, such as a hinged lid, lockable latches and plenty of space for mounting panels and DIN Rails. Moulded from either ABS or polycarbonate they it can be supplied with a clear or solid lid and various accessories.

Whilst CamdenBoss covers the market for off the shelf, moulded products, it is worth asking yourself the question… can custom design work for me in panel built electrical systems?

The attraction of custom design is flexibility that comes with it. Designed around your specification, a fabricated enclosure can be made to fit an already existing PCB and can save huge costs when it comes to fixing or replacing the old tools of a moulded counterpart. Alternatively, a design process can be followed from start to finish. Beginning with a consultation and leading onto design, prototypes and manufacture in a fraction of the time it could take to source and customise a standard moulded product.

Using the Smartboxx process, enclosures can be manufactured to be almost any size and have few restrictions. The flexibility of a custom design enclosures can quickly outweigh standard moulded products and relieve some of the pressures that supply on demand brings with it.

It is with these benefits that equipment manufacturers are turning to custom engineered solutions for a bespoke alternative.

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