Plastic Enclosures

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A complete selection of electronic plastic enclosures, manufactured to house a variety of commercial equipment.

CamdenBoss manufacture and stock a wealth of plastic enclosures that cover specialised industries and applications. Included in our range, organised into the categories found below, are handheld plastic enclosures, universal plastic enclosures, multipurpose boxes, potting boxes and heavy duty plastic enclosures with compliance to ensure safety and practicality in the field. Amongst these there are also desktop cases and instrument enclosures, 22mm pushbutton plastic enclosures, junction boxes and room sensor styles plastic enclosures. The more niche category, development board enclosures, caters for a selection of development boards such as Raspberry Pi and beagle bone PCB’s. In addition to our moulded plastic enclosures, a range of standardised custom enclosures are available. Manufactured from sheet plastic, these plastic enclosures are designed around your electronics.

Each plastic enclosure has been designed with an innovative approach, keeping in mind the after-market end user; ensuring practicality and usability. Throughout our plastic enclosure ranges, careful compliance has been achieved. UL listed materials have been used to comply with fire testing safety requirements. Protection classes such as the IP rating is visible throughout the product categories, and most of our products are in accordance with IP54, IP65 or IP67.

Why not customise your plastic enclosures; removing the hassle of outsourcing processes such as digital printing, CNC machining and product coatings e.g. EMC shielding.





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