DIN Rail Enclosures

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 A selection of DIN Rail enclosures manufactured from plastic, for the electronics industry.

 CamdenBoss manufacture and stock a large inventory of DIN Rail enclosures, suited solely for mounting onto industry standard DIN Rail. Their CNMB DIN Rail modular enclosures are the market leading DIN Rail enclosure option.

DIN Rail electronics have been around for a long time and are also becoming more desired in industrial applications as IIOT/industry 4.0 becomes larger. Factory and home automation and IoT electronics make great use of DIN Rail electronics. Included in the range of DIN Rail plastic enclosures are CNMB DIN Rail modular plastic enclosures which are available in a variety of sizes and styles and optional accessories. Also available are DIN Rail instrument plastic enclosures, DIN Rail adapters, DIN Rail mount brackets, DIN Rail PCB supports, extendable modular plastic enclosures and vertical DIN Rail enclosures.

 Customisation is available to your plastic enclosures, removing the hassle of outsourcing processes such as digital printing, CNC machining and product coatings e.g. EMC shielding.





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