CamdenBoss launch the 1500 series


CamdenBoss has released its most versatile enclosure to date.

The highly anticipated 1500 series universal smart enclosure has caused a buzz internally, with the marketing and sales teams excited to show off the newest addition

Expanding on 30 years of knowledge and working alongside some of the largest IoT installers and designers in the game - we really have packed this box full of innovation.

Our 1500 series is designed to mount in various positions and angles allowing it to be used for a huge selection of applications. However, its corner bracket is unique to ensure ease of fixing with misaligned walls. This was a huge issue we found whilst talking to installers who find the locations they are visiting, are not always conducive to an easy install.

If this unique design was not enough. Our bracket also comes with a security screw feature which allows the user to lock the enclosure in place once mounted to the bracket, this stops it from being easily removed from its location. With these extra functions, we have noticed markets demands and dealt with them direct.

The box itself is also full of useful features such as multi-level PCB bosses in the base and lid, which accommodate different sized PCB’s. One set in the base of the enclosure has been specifically designed to mount a Raspberry Pi development board, allowing enough space to accommodate the RJ45 and USB connectors.

Quick assembly is achievable by operating only one lid screw whilst still conforming with the requirements of 2006/95/EC.


The biggest innovation this product brings to the enclosure offering here at CamdenBoss is the 45 degree angles cut from the base half’s corners. Whilst this adds two more usable faces to the enclosure, various other possible orientations open up, increasing the diversity of potential applications. 

Place the enclosure down on a desk and it can be used for desktop operating electronics, such as medical monitors, industrial equipment or educational devices.

If wall mounted at 45 degrees it opens up markets like door entry systems, clocking machines, smart thermostats and smart home lighting controls.

As both corners of the base are angled, the enclosure fits perfectly into the corner of a room bringing a host of wireless receivers, motion monitoring devices and sensors of different abilities.

Available in one size and three colours; black, white and grey, the 1500 series versatile enclosure comes with two further options, either a solid or vented version.

All this innovation is available at an incredible price so keep an eye out for the 1500 series at your local distributors to secure yours now! Alternatively, for larger batch orders, feel free to get in contact with CamdenBoss directly to discuss your design. We also offer full, in-house customisation, adding branding, cut outs and coatings should you require them.


To find out more about the 1500 series enclosure and secure yours today, call the CamdenBoss sales team on 01638 716101 or visit the dedicated website page here:






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