5000 Series Diecast Aluminium Enclosures


Diecast aluminium enclosures

Reliability and durability are essential to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment, for this reason diecast aluminium enclosures are selected for applications where an electronic device may face vigorous contact such as industrial controls and entertainment industry stomp boxes. Aluminium carries natural RFI/EMI shielding properties, which can be enhanced with further coating. This is beneficial to sensitive components and signal devices operating in heavily signal saturated environments.

Many diecast aluminium enclosures are available to purchase from CamdenBoss with one apex option being the 5000 series. The 5000 series multi-purpose diecast enclosure from CamdenBoss is popular for its lightweight body, cost effectiveness and middle level IP rating. It is commonly used by our customers for industrial control boxes, electrical junctions and audio stomp boxes, to name a few. A wide selection of colours and finishes are available to choose from.

Easily customised to feature cable entries, component controls, LCD’s and more, aluminium housings are an all-round functioning enclosure option.

The 5000 series multipurpose enclosure is available in seven sizes, ranging from 50x50x31 up to 192x11x61 (external dimensions) and in eight colours such as natural, hammertone, black, white, red, yellow, blue and green. The highly durable and shock resistant box is pre-casted with vertical PCB slots, allowing for PCB’s to be easily located inside.

The 5000 series diecast enclosure is rated to IP54, with the option to add a neoprene gasket that is designed to meet the requirements of IP65.

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