Electronics enclosures that can support global virus outbreaks


Electronics enclosures that can support global virus outbreaks


Smart electronic devices are playing a big part in the future to battle against the transmission of diseases, viruses and further potential global pandemics.

It is evident already that large corporations are developing artificial intelligence systems to track, monitor and materialise analytical data on the potential spread of infectious diseases.

Recent popular smart applications are shop entry monitoring systems which count the number of individuals present as shoppers enter and leave. Other technologies that are currently very popular around the globe are wearables to track newcomers to certain regions of the world. DIN Rail electronics are also growing in popularity due to their effective big data, communications and IoT uses.

CamdenBoss’ latest electronic enclosures, the 1500 Series Universal Smart Enclosure and Room Sensor Enclosure series are ideal to be used in smart home, office and commercial situations such as air monitoring, smart lighting controls and door entry systems including automatic doors or key card entry, amongst many other practical applications.

CamdenBoss 1500 series solid body universal smart enclosure

The easy wall mounting features of these enclosures makes installation practical and fast. The Room Sensor Enclosures can be screwed directly onto a wall or surface, or alternatively their ear-lug shaped cut outs on the base allow the end product to be removed and replaced back on the wall with ease. The 1500 Series Universal Smart Enclosure takes a more unique approach to wall mounting. On either side of the base, the 45° angles allow the electronics enclosure to be mounted into the corner of a room or at a 45° angle to a surface. Both of these mounting approaches offer flexibility to the end user and boast practicality for up and coming future tech.

CamdenBoss Room Sensor enclosure range that can support global virus outbreaks

Whilst both make use of different mounting techniques, they share similar features and benefits. Each enclosure series is available in two body types, either vented or un-vented. The vented housing addresses heat concerns, providing a way for heat to escape. Alternatively, sensors inside the enclosure make use of the vents, should they be measuring air temperature, actively sensing for  gases or noting changes in humidity. Solid units may operate better in environments where the enclosure will be touched frequently and need to be cleaned down to prevent the spread of germs.

We offer an extensive range of enclosures, from heavy duty industrial housings to DIN Rail modular enclosures and unrivalled custom enclosure solutions. Our wide selection of affordable, quality assured products is just one reason why engineers are making the switch to CamdenBoss. Is it about time you did too?

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