Choosing a standard enclosure doesn’t mean it has to be boring! We can take what may appear as a mundane off-shelf-enclosure and give it character, making it your own.

Here are five exciting ways you can ‘spice up’ your enclosure and push beyond the realm of ordinary.

    An enclosure doesn’t have to be conventional if you believe it’s capable of more. Personalise and give it purpose by adding slots, holes and other apertures. CNC milling can achieve these modifications precisely and effortlessly. Our CNC centre can accurately drill nearly all types of materials such as metal and plastic; creating any shape you want. It can concisely cut to 0.2mm, performing the most definitive effects.

    We can accomplish all of this within small to medium production runs in as little as three weeks, regardless of your enclosure’s complexity!

    Why stick to plain? when you can be adventurous and attract attention to your enclosure with colours, patterns and striking visuals.

    Try adding labelling text, large block images, logos, photo-realistic images onto your enclosure. Create this with eye-catching results using our full-colour digital printing service.

    It’s astonishing what our digital printer can achieve, working with 4-colour process (CMYK) our digital printer makes the most out of colourful single graphics, gradients, overlapping colours and intricate details.

    Printing directly onto the enclosure gives it a slightly raised and textured surface, sharpening the design and successfully bringing out the most in EVERY colour.

    You may even want to synergise your enclosure with your company’s colour branding, all we need to know is your company’s pantone to make the perfect match.

    Customisation isn’t always about aesthetics, it can be about protecting the enclosure’s functionality and enhancing performance. Silicon and rubber boots can add a splash of colour and form a new dynamic shape; but ultimately, it’s about protecting the enclosure from accidental scratches, bumps and knocks – the day to day stuff.

    These stylish accessories add secure grip and protection whilst providing a flexible, soft and silky exterior, complementing the overall look of the enclosure.

    We offer several silicon and rubber boot accessories with our standard enclosures (45, 80, 82, 87 series).

    Engraving is often about making a personal statement, and why wouldn’t you want to make your enclosure stand out?

    This is a good option if your enclosure is being used for external or high impact environments against the elements; compared to having artwork printed onto the enclosure which could be at risk from being worn away.

    Make your mark and create a statement from individual letters, words, logos and stylings that last.

    Some of us like to tell ourselves that looks aren’t everything.

    Well… if you really want to make your enclosure distinguishable from the rest, a variety of colour and paint finishings that create an illusion of it being something it’s not – could do the trick!

    For example, we can take your plastic enclosure and apply a textured finish to make it appear metallic. For small to medium sized items, this unique depth of colour looks undeniably realistic.

    These small tips are just simple ways to enhance even the dullest enclosures. Appreciate the impact of these steps to improve your ‘enclosure game’ and inspire others to do the same.





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