CamdenBoss can always be trusted to deliver professional premium quality products and CamCirc is no exception. The new range of IP68 circular connectors withstand conditions where others fail.

The adaptable range can be used across a variety of industries such as military, medical and broadcasting.

The CamCirc circular connectors have been designed so that they can plug effortlessly together using push-pull technology and are colour coded for the ease of connection, allowing only matching halves can be connected. The connectors have gold-plated brass contacts ensuring a reliable connection.

The range is also chrome-plated to guarantee optimal performance and durability when extreme temperatures, shock, vibration and corrosion threaten their connectivity. Even under stress or load, the circular connector will not disconnect.

The range features 4 body sizes, 3 to 19 poles in various styles and 6 socket options. 

CamCirc offers an alternative to, and is fully compatibility with, Fischer products that cannot be matched by other manufacturers.

CamdenBoss delivers a trusted and ideal interconnection solution that endures the elements when pushed beyond limits.

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