CamdenBoss, provider of performance engineered interconnection and enclosures, has announced that its CFTBN range of fuse holders has become one of the first to meet the latest fire safety standard EN 60127-6 that came into force in October 2017.

The new standard pays significantly more attention to fire safety compared with the original IEC standard in 1994 which focused specifically on contact protection. The new standard requires components to pass a stringent glow-wire test with an increase required to the glow-wire resistance of the product material. Components also must be endurance-tested both vertically and horizontally whereas previous testing was only required horizontally and in the intended installation position.

Commenting on the award from VDE, Nicola Kay, managing director at CamdenBoss, said, “We are proud to have achieved the new fire safety standard for our CFTBN range which passed with flying colours despite the uprated glow-wire test introduced for this product type. The new standard is rigorous on fire safety aspects and has made it difficult for manufacturers to achieve with many having to replace materials throughout their ranges and others still struggling to achieve compliance.”

Under the new standard, the component material is firstly heated with a butane gas flame produced through a needle burner at 850°C and then again at a slightly lower temperature of 775°C. In both instances, the material must safely self-extinguish within seconds to be declared “glow-wire compliant.”

On achieving the standard, manufacturers must update all documentation and adapt production to comply with the new requirements

With this award from VDE, CamdenBoss can confidently continue to provide safe and reliable components to its customers.

The CamdenBoss CFTBN range of fused terminal blocks incorporates a 5 x 20mm fuse holder with a 1- to 5-pole terminal strip along with an integral spare fuse carrier. Designed for use in lighting and similar applications, the fused terminal blocks feature IP20 finger protection and anti-rotation spigot, 4mm2 cable entry (2.5mm2 with wire protector).

Versions available include wire protector as standard on the fused terminal, standard 3- to 5-pole with earth screw and no wire protectors; version 2 to 5WP without earth and with wire protector on all poles; version 3 to 5EWP with earth, wire protector on all poles bar earth; and version 3 to 5NE without earth and without wire protectors. Wire protection can be supplied on the earth pole as a special order.

CFTBN fuse holders meets IEC creepage and clearance requirements (8mm) and feature 16mm fixing pitch. Ratings include 250V AC and 13A for fuse holder, 450V AC and 20A for terminal block, UL94-V0 flame retardant PA, nickel-plated brass terminals and stainless-steel wire protectors. Operating temperature range is -20 to +120°C. A 3- or 5-pole terminal cover for dust protection is also available.

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