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Room Sensor Enclosures

Our Room sensor plastic enclosure is perfect for wall mounted controls. Talk to our sales team today to discuss your project and find out more.

Room sensor enclosures are ideal for smart home and IoT wall mount applications such as, smart home temperature controls, lighting controls, security or smoke and gas detectors, among many other electronic uses. The plastic enclosures are easily mounted to a wall through precut sections in the base of the housing. A single gang knockout also on the base of the plastic enclosure is perfect for cables to enter, that are run through walls. The room sensor enclosure is available in either a solid or vented option and features a recessed face, allowing for overlays and keypads to be used and protected against wear. 


Room Sensor Enclosure, Size 1, Solid, White


Room Sensor Enclosure, Size 1, Vented, White





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