How one enclosure is serving a global pandemic


How one enclosure is serving a global pandemic with picture featuring the CamdenBoss 1500 series Universal smart enclosures

The electronics industry has drastically changed within the first half of 2020 due to the global Coronavirus pandemic. With this we have seen the whole world come to an almost standstill as factories close down to aid social distancing, which has had a knock-on effect to the global supply chain. As things slowly return to normal, what changes can we expect to see in the market of electronic devices and enclosure solutions?

Already CamdenBoss has seen an increase in the number of enquiries regarding smart technology applications such as data storage, environmental quality sensors and hands-free door entry applications. These types of applications lend themselves to retaining the measures that have been implemented into society, ensuring diseases and germs are less easily transmitted from person to person.

If we look at these types of applications in more detail, we can begin to understand how they are contributing to increased practicality and how they have an increased place in offices, homes, hospitals and retail areas, than they have done previously.

1500 Series Universal Smart Enclosure pictured on a wall - CamdenBoss


Sensors that monitor the environment around can vary in purpose; smart HVAC and air quality management devices allow us to have control over the environments in which we work, study or live. Smart electronics in the form of wall mounted control panels, can take readings and return feedback on the quality of the air allowing us to adjust settings to provide greater air flow or control temperature.

Grey 1500 Series Universal Smart Enclosure pictured being used as a door entry system - CamdenBoss




Access control has been around for a long time and can have many practical uses, such as securing private areas or automating doors in hospitals. A new form of access control that is becoming more popular is the counting of people entering and leaving areas; ensuring a limited number of people are situated in an area at any given time, allowing social distancing to be retained. This kind of technology may remain and with the pandemic passing, new uses may be derived. RFID methods ensure that no physical contact is made with the door entry scanner and therefore minimises the chances of spreading germs and infection. 

Available in a choice of three colours and with either a solid or vented body, engineers can really tailor the enclosure to fit their needs. The CamdenBoss 1500 Series Universal Smart Enclosure lends itself perfectly to these types of applications due to its multi-purpose functionality and broad range of features and benefits, providing a unique and engineered set of features to deal directly with the issues that are being faced by device designers in the industry. The 1500 Series tackles surface mounting issues by providing a multitude of different mounting techniques such as 45° surface mounting or corner mounting. With this bespoke functionality, the electronic enclosure can be used for applications such as door entry and environmental sensors, fitting in with today’s market trends and requirements.

Lead times can be kept short, with stock being held both at CamdenBoss’ UK factory and at distributors throughout the UK and Europe.

Many useful downloads regarding the 1500 Series Universal Smart Enclosure, as well as our other products, can be found on the dedicated product page You’ll also find some interesting product videos, detailing the range or how to assemble the 45°mounting bracket to the enclosure.

Group Photograph of 1500 series range of Universal Smart Enclosures - CamdenBoss






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