Nicola Kay, managing director of CamdenBoss, examines how the Internet of Things – IoT – is changing the landscape for enclosure buyers and how Flat Sheet Plastic Technology (FSPT®) can help them meet new challenges.

Emergence of IoT has opened many new avenues of opportunity and given designers and manufacturers scope to develop new and innovative products and the good news is that “unique” does not necessarily have to go hand-in-hand with “high-volume” anymore. Many IoT products start life as kitchen table ideas that, to stand a chance of being a commercial success, require packaging in a way that is exciting and interesting for potential consumers. This means finding a production ready enclosure without the traditional high costs of investment for tooling from the off. It is also key that a product must be available on short lead-times so that no market opportunity is missed. Recent strides in the development of flat sheet plastic technology (FPST) have given IoT designers a real opportunity to commercialise their products from the outset.  This significant advantage is now being embraced by the more traditional OEMs who also want to beat their competition to market and test their products full potential without heavy levels of investment upfront.

The ability to go to market with very little investment and in a matter of days means that the job of purchasers is now much more challenging as coping with competitive sourcing and short production lead-times leaves little room for error. However, it also means that the effort put into to taking a product to market has a much better chance of success while projects that start small and take off give buyers a lot of negotiating power. Success for a product also means that purchasers need to have a supply chain ready and waiting to ramp-up production volumes without lengthy delays that can kill products in the market if they are not available.

The key to acquiring fast and competitive packaging/enclosure solutions is for buyers and engineers to be close to experts such as CamdenBoss where the latest designs, materials and finishes can be showcased regularly and in-depth of knowledge of manufacturing techniques from prototype to high-volume processes ensure a smooth life-cycle

For enclosure manufacturers, keeping up with developments requires constant investment in new equipment, research and development into new materials, and working hand-in-hand with global R&D institutions to ensure awareness of the technologies used in the processing of materials and the latest manufacturing trends.

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