Machine to machine communication is a key part of the smart factory world. Companies are looking for solutions to boost their productivity and become more resourceful in the way they work. Electronic IIoT devices are becoming the brains of the operation, from logistics to picking and packing, smart electronics monitor and pre-warn of low stock, machinery errors or required maintenance.  With a host of robust enclosures and solid handheld housings, CamdenBoss provides the ideal products to protect your design.

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21 series
IP67 desktop instrument case
Highly durable and IP67 rated case, adequate to perform in industrial, desktop and outdoor applications.
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5100 series
Project diecast enclosures
Ideal for IIoT automation devices, capturing data for cloud storage.
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5500 Series
Heavy duty diecast enclosure
Suitable enclosure for monitoring type smart devices, its heavy duty design provides a protective edge.
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7200 Series
Heavy duty polycarbonate case
Digitalised workflow monitoring device, advancing smart factories.
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7300 Series
Heavy duty ABS case
Industry 4.0 enclosure, ideal for factory automation applications that require robustness.
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2000 Series
General purpose enclosures
A selection of five types of enclosure, appropriate for a variety of IIoT smart devices.
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19" Desktop enclosure
Accepts 19" rack electronics
Server room smart hub electronics for cloud data storage applications.
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92 Series
Comms box
Perfect for IoT gateway electronics for the expanding industry 4.0 factories.
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94 Series
Flanged comms box
Electronic IoT wall mount control device, appropriate for smart systems such as security.
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110 Series
Desktop instrument case
The perfect industrial enclosure for networking products within factories and warehouses.
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85 Series
Round aluminium case
Ideal for IIoT applications such as networking devices or machine to machine controls.
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86 Series
Aluminium heatsink case
Small power distribution electronics would benefit from this enclosure heatsink sides.
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88 Series
IP67 heatsink enclosure
The robust 88 series enclosure is ideal for smart electronics in industrial environments.
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96 Series
Diecast aluminium box
The heavy duty diecast housing is ideal for machine to machine IIoT applications.
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97 Series
High end design aluminium case
Suitable for demanding environments within the industrial industry sector.
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55 Series
Dura boxes
Suitable for either handheld or desktop applications in smart factory settings.
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71 Series
Flanged IP66 enclosure
Suitable enclosure for internet of things applications situated in complex factory systems.
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72 Series
Flanged IP66 enclosure
Robust polycarbonate enclosure for IIoT applications such as human to machine interaction.
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91 Series
IP67 low profile case
Smart applications could include an industrial pressure or flow data logger for the water industry.
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X6 Series
Electrical knockout enclosure
Featuring knockouts for easy cable entry, This enclosure is suitable for smart sensory equipment.
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X7 Series
Heavy duty electrical enclosure
The ideal, heavy duty enclosure for smart bus bar electronics in IIoT systems.
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X8 Series
Hinged lid electrical enclsoure
The hinged door assembly provides the opportune enclosure for smart data centres, allowing flexible maintenance.
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90 Series
IP67 handheld enclosure
This enclosure is ideal for handheld remote systems and has been used before as a camera control device.
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2910 Series
Plastic handheld enclosure
Handy, compact portable enclosure suitable for smart diagnostic equipment.
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Euro sized interface support
Euro sized modular PCB support with DIN rail capability, perfect for human interface electronics.
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Mini size interface support
Mini sized modular PCB support with DIN rail capability, perfect for human interface electronics.
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Modular enclosure
Modular type DIN rail enclosure suitable for gateway devices and power management systems.
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1101 Series
Stylish solid lid ABS cases
Hard wearing electronics enclosure, ideal for IIoT applications
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1102 Series
Stylish transparent lid cases
Potential to be used in industrial settings for smart applications, the smoked transparent lid provides a mode.
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82 Series
Multi-purpose case
This electronic housing could be used to house factory machine testing equipment.
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83 Series
Plastic flanged housing
Suitable applications such as a smart panel PV resistance checker.
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Vertical DIN rail enclosure
Power management systems make perfect use of DIN rail housings
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CVB Plus
Vertical DIN Rail housing
DIN Rail mountable enclosure with dual row terminal blocks for wire connections.
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5000 Series
Multi purpose diecast enclosure
Solid diecast enclosure, perfect for smart factory and automation applications.
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