Hospitals and health clinics are filled with lifesaving electronics, monitoring equipment and diagnostic devices. These electronics provide doctors with some of the tools they need to look after our health. IoT electronics in hospitals push the boundaries of healthcare by providing electronics with a way of communicating and relaying important information, ultimately saving time. CamdenBoss stocks a variety of enclosures suitable for IoT electronics in the healthcare sector.

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21 series
IP67 desktop instrument case
The sloped shape of this enclosure is ideal for medical equipment enabling readings to be easily controlled
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1500 Series
Versatile IoT enclosure
The perfect IoT housing for door entry systems, utilising touch pad, biometric or RFID technology.
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2000 Series
General purpose enclosure
A universal enclosure, suitable for multiple IoT electronics and smart devices.
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19" desktop enclosure
Accepts 19" racks
Suitable enclosure for IoT desktop type instruments in hospitals and medical centres.
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92 Series
Comms enclosure
Suitable applications for this comms box would include WiFi access points and router devices
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94 Series
Flanged comms box
Perfect for wall mountable dialysis equipment next to patients beds.
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DIN Rail instrument enclosure
Analytical devices situated in IoT hubs report system failures before they become life threatening.
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110 Series
Desktop instrument case
Desktop type instrument case with various networking, monitoring or diagnostic applications.
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85 Series
Round aluminium case
This enclosure has been used previously to house a automatic identification system.
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86 Series
Aluminium heat sink cases
The perfect enclosure for healthcare monitoring type electronics in hospitals such as blood pressure machines.
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95 Series
Heat sink aluminium housing
Idyllic for intelligent, high end electronics such as blood flow, blood pressure and oxygen level analysis.
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84 Series
Round edge cases
This smooth finished enclosure is perfect for intelligent patient data entry devices.
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Euro sized interface support
Suitable DIN rail mount support for data loggers.
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Mini size interface supports
The enclosure provide a support for applications such as diode modules.
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7000 Series
Recessed designer enclosure
The go to enclosure for future smart device enclosures.
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1101 Series
Stylish ABS enclosure
Ideal for portable, health care smart devices.
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1102 Series
Stylish transparent lid enclosure
Ideal housing for monitoring type equipment in health care environments.
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82 Series
Multi purpose enclosure
Potential to be used as an patient monitoring device in the medical industry.
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83 Series
Flanged multi purpose enclosure
Flange mountable, IoT gateway suitable enclosure.
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93 Series
IP67 Handheld enclosure
Small handheld housing perfectly applicable to hospital environments as a wireless emergency call receiver.
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IoT healthcare

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