IoT isn’t just affecting our factories and homes, intelligent IoT devices are integrating with our cities, transforming everything from parking and retail to public transport. Cites are ideal for electronics that collectively gather and store big data for analysis, this data can be used to improve the way our cities work. Stocking a range of indoor housings and outdoor enclosures, suitable for smart IoT products, CamdenBoss has the solution, whatever the application.

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21 series
IP67 desktop instrument case
This IP67 electronic housing is perfect for indoor or outdoor networking and data sending equipment.
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7200 series
Polycarbonate case
The answer to robust IoT housings such as parking monitors for smart cities.
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7300 series
ABS case
Smart traffic cloud device or networking electronics ideal enclosure.
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DIN Rail instrument enclosure
Information recording electronics, situated in data hubs.
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X6 series
Electrical knockout enclosure
Smart wall mountable RFID reader with cable inlet capabilities.
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2910 series
Plastic handheld enclosure
Small compact handheld enclosure; past applications included a GSM/GPRS sensor hub.
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7000 series
Recessed designer case
Recessed design housing ideal for smart city applications.
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1101 series
Stylish ABS cases
IoT suitable enclosure for transmitter applications among many others.
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1102 series
Stylish ABS cases
Ideal for smart applications such as solar and weather measurement systems.
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1500 series
Versatile IoT enclosure
Ideal for PIR motion sensors and high security electronic devices in retail or office environments.
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5100 series
Project diecast aluminium enclosure
Smart City pollution detector device or underground transport monitors, updating cloud clock systems.
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X7 series
Electrical heavy duty enclosure
Robust housing for smart city applications such as public transport electronics and transmitter devices.
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X8 series
Electrical hinged lid enclosure
Suitable for portable type wireless electronic cases with diagnostic and monitoring equipment inside.
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5500 series
Heavy duty diecast aluminium enclosure
Heavy duty casting and ingress protection provides an ideal enclosure for city roadworks electronics.
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Room sensor
Room sensor enclosure
Ideal smart device housing for control electronic equipment.
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88 series
IP67 heatsink case
Smart route traffic report device, measuring activity through sensors which are updated to a cloud.
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96 series
Diecast aluminium box
The robust nature of this enclosure make it suitable for applications such as train network monitoring.
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91 series
IP67 low profile case
Potential as a thermometer/barometer smart device in smart cities.
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90 series
IP67 handheld enclosure
Ideal for waterproof applications. Potential enclosure for smart analytical devices or network measurement equipment.
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80 series
Slim plastic enclosure
Previously operating as a wireless microphone for hearing aids, this compact device is suitable for many smart applications.
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92 series
Comms box
The 92 series comms box is naturally suited to WiFi boosters and router applications.
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94 series
Flanged comms box
With its wall mount features, the 94 series could be used as a smart gas/smoke sensor in shopping centres.
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86 series
Aluminium audio case
Utilised previously as a data transmitter for automatic number plate recognition systems.
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95 series
Heatsink aluminium enclosure
Ideal for high end offices and applications such as intelligent security systems.
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97 series
High-end design aluminium box
Applications such as supply chain control systems and smart data's loggers for most frequent purchased items.
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71 series
Flanged IP66 enclosure
Surface mountable, IoT suitable enclosure.
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72 series
Flanged IP66 enclosure
Ideal for smart applications such as solar measurement systems.
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107mm empty modular interface support
Suitable DIN rail mount support for power relays in smart systems.
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72mm empty modular interface support
The enclosure provide a support for applications such as diode modules.
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DIN Rail modular enclosure
Idyllic to various environments acting as a gateway device located in complex server rooms.
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Vertical DIN Rail enclosure
The perfect housing for DIN Rail mounted power supply and monitoring equipment.
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CVB Plus
Vertical DIN Rail enclosure
Used previously in offices and retail points as DIN rail mounted temperature controls.
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5000 series
Multi-purpose diecast enclosures
This enclosure is perfect for IoT applications such as, GPS transmitters and wireless signal amplifiers.
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