Smart devices developed for the agricultural industry are creating ripples in the way in which we farm. Being able to monitor variables such us water, soil condition and diseases strengthen our chances of bigger and better yields. With a variety of outdoor electrical enclosures with high IP ratings and suitable material grades, CamdenBoss provides the ideal housings for the devices that revolutionise the way farmers grow their crops.

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5100 series
Project diecast aluminium enclosure
Electronic housing with potential to be used for barn storage monitoring equipment.
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5500 series
Heavy duty diecast aluminium enclosure
IP65 heavy duty diecast enclosure, employable as an IoT solar diagnostic enclosure.
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85 series
Round aluminium cases
A modern and aesthetic extruded enclosure for high end vehicle dashboard devices.
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88 series
IP67 heatsink case
High protection IoT enclosure, suitable for applications in agriculture such as crop disease monitoring.
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97 series
High-end design aluminium box
High value, wireless data transmitter / receiver capability.
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55 series
Dura box
An extruded aluminium enclosure with potential applications such as vehicle and machinery diagnostic devices.
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91 series
IP67 low profile case
Ideal as a weather diagnostic housing, issuing warnings for potential dry or wet forecasts.
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90 series
IP67 handheld enclosure
This enclosure is ideal for use as a wireless temperature detector.
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5000 series
Multi-purpose diecast enclosure
Diecast aluminium enclosure suitable for smart agricultural applications such as environment monitors.
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X6 series
Electrical knockout enclosure
Suitable housing for remote devices, wirelessly transmitting soil PH and temperature readings.
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X7 series
Electrical heavy duty enclosure
The X7 enclosure is suitable for outside applications, such as smart field sensors that provide an insight into potential crop yield.
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IoT Agriculture

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