As a leading electronic enclosure manufacturer, we offer a complete range of surface and wall mountable plastic enclosures and, manufactured to accommodate a variety of electrical and electronic equipment across many industry sectors.

Why not make your enclosures stand out by utilising our professional customisation service.  Our in-house processes remove the hassle of outsourcing and include printing and engraving, machining, surface coating and RFI shielding.

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CamdenBoss' selection of surface mount enclosures have been designed for applications purposes, where a device needs to be fixed in position. A plastic enclosure may be mounted for a number of reasons; to stop the electronic equipment moving around, especially if there is a lot of vibration such as in a vehicle or near industrial machinery. Alternatively the enclosure is being used to house a commercial or domestic wall control system such as a thermostat, door entry or fire and safety controls. A mixture of high grade polycarbonate and ABS plastic enclosures  with ingress ratings from IP54, IP65, IP66 and IP67 provide a selection capable of operating in indoor and outdoor applications.  Metal wall mount enclosures are also available for added ruggedness and durability.

1500 Series
Universal smart enclosure
Versatile electronic enclosure capable of 45 degree wall mounting or directly in corners for applications such as smart devices
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Room Sensor
Plastic enclosure
Single gang wall mount enclosures suitable for a selection of indoor applications such as temperature and light controls, security and smoke detector devices
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91 series
IP67 low profile polycarbonate enclosures
UV stable or UL94-V0 rated material options, suitable for IoT applications
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7200 series
IP65 enclosures
Resilient polycarbonate electronic boxes suitable for industrial IoT uses
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7300 series
IP65 enclosures
Hardwearing ABS case for various industrial and commercial electronic applications
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94 Series
Flanged Comms Box
Surface mountable communications enclosure suitable for IoT devices in smart home and office environments
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X6 series
IP67 Electrical knockout enclosures
Waterproof industrial housing with cable junction knockout points
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X7 series
IP66/67 Electrical heavy duty enclosures
Impact resistant electronic housing for industrial, commercial and agricultural uses
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X8 series
IP67 Electrical hinged lid enclosures
Rugged electronic cabinet type enclosure for centralised IoT systems
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88 Series
IP67 flanged heatsink enclosures
Surface mountable heatsink enclosure provides superior protection to outdoor electronic devices
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71 series
IP66 flanged plastic boxes
Waterproof electronics enclosure suited for outdoor and robust applications
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72 series
Wall mount IP66 enclosures
UV stable electronic industrial enclosure
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7710 series
Hinged wall mount enclosures
IP65 rated electronic equipment housing with a clear, hinged lid
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7740 series
Screw fastening wall mount housings
IP65 rated electronics enclosure with two lid compartments
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83 Series
Plastic flanged cases
Wall mount ABS enclosure suitable for indoor devices such as access panels
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2000 Series
General purpose surface mount enclosures
Multipurpose surface mount electronics enclosure with an increased IP rating option
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500 Series
Small Flanged ABS boxes
Ideal for small electronic assemblies and potting applications the 500 series can be surface secured
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7000 Series
Recessed Designer housing
Universal ABS case with a recessed lid and base ideal for a variety of IoT equipment and electronic devices
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7520 Series
Wall mount enclosure
A custom fabricated electronics enclosure manufactured to your requirements with wall and surface mount capability
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7540 Series
Surface mount enclosure
Two part custom sized plastic enclosure with wall mounting flanges
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7560 Series
Flanged base enclosure
Design your flanged base enclosure around your PCB specifications
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7590 Series
Flanged tablet style housing
Custom sized surface mount plastic enclosure fabricated to house a tablet or display
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5000 Series
Aluminium Diecast enclosure
Heavy duty and robust diecast electronic housing available with a surface mounting accessory suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
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Wall mount enclosures, flanged enclosures

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