As a leading enclosure manufacturer, we offer a complete range of electronic plastic enclosures, metal enclosures and DIN Rail enclosures, manufactured to accommodate a variety of electronic equipment across many industry sectors.

Why not make your enclosures stand out by utilising our professional customisation service.  Our in-house processes remove the hassle of outsourcing and include printing and engraving, machining, surface coating and RFI shielding.

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Heavy duty plastic enclosures

CamdenBoss' selection of heavy duty IP65, IP66, IP67 plastic enclosures have been designed for demanding environments. A mixture of high grade polycarbonate and ABS plastic enclosures provide a natural impact resistance and are ideal for industrial and outdoor applications. This range of heavy duty plastic enclosures includes low profile enclosures (equipped with pole mounting accessories) and flanged housings (with wall and surface mounting capabilities). Our strongest plastic enclosures, the X series range of heavy duty IP67 enclosures, are available in three types, the X6 provides cable entry knockouts for junction and control electronics, the X7 is better equipped for internal space and impact resistance, and the X8 provides a hinged door, perfect for control centres, power management and centralised electronic systems.

X6 series
IP67 Electrical knockout enclosures
Waterproof industrial housing with cable junction knockout points
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X7 series
IP66/67 Electrical heavy duty enclosures
Impact resistant electronic housing for industrial, commercial and agricultural uses
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X8 series
IP67 Electrical hinged lid enclosures
Rugged electronic cabinet type enclosure for centralised IoT systems
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71 series
IP66 flanged plastic boxes
Waterproof electronics enclosure suited for outdoor and robust applications
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72 series
Wall mount IP66 enclosures
UV stable electronic industrial enclosure
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7200 series
IP65 enclosures
Resilient polycarbonate electronic boxes suitable for industrial IoT uses
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7300 series
IP65 enclosures
Hardwearing ABS case for various industrial and commercial electronic applications
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7710 series
Hinged wall mount enclosures
IP65 rated electronic equipment housing with a clear, hinged lid
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7740 series
Screw fastening wall mount housings
IP65 rated electronics enclosure with two lid compartments
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91 series
IP67 low profile polycarbonate enclosures
UV stable or UL94-V0 rated material options, suitable for IoT applications
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DIN Rail enclosures

Included in our range of DIN Rail plastic enclosures are, DIN Rail modular plastic enclosures, DIN Rail instrument plastic enclosures, DIN Rail adapters, DIN Rail mount brackets, DIN Rail PCB supports, Extendable modular plastic enclosures and vertical DIN rail enclosures. These are ideal for use in industrial applications as industry 4.0 grows. Factory and home automation and IoT electronics make great use of DIN Rail electronics.

DIN Rail modular enclosures
Industrial enclosure suitable for control systems, IoT and monitoring electronics
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High and low profile DIN Rail enclosures
High and low profile DIN Rail industrial housings
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Extendable modular enclosures
DIN rail mounting industrial enclosure with built in terminals
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Vertical DIN Rail enclosure
Industrial housing designed for 5mm pitch terminal blocks
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Vertical DIN Rail enclosure with connectors
22.5mm wide compact electronics enclosure purpose built for industrial applications
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Universal and multi-purpose plastic enclosures

CamdenBoss’ selection of universal and multi-purpose plastic enclosures are available in a variety of materials such as ABS and polycarbonate. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, with compliance ratings covering IP54 up to IP65 with the addition of gasket accessories. Modern and ergonomic shaped plastic enclosures with recessed faces provide areas for keypad overlays and membranes to be used and protected, whilst wall mounting options include mounting flanges for wall systems and control electronics.

1500 series
Universal smart enclosure
Versatile enclosure suitable for smart electronic applications, capable of mounting directly to corners due to its unique 45 degree shape
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Room sensor
Plastic enclosures
Single gang wall mount enclosure suitable for IoT room sensor applications
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100 series
Open potting boxes
Small enclosures for miniature electronic assemblies
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200 series
Small ABS enclosure with lid
Compact enclosure suitable for small IoT assemblies
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400 series
Lugged cable entry ABS housing
Miniature assembly electronics housing with inbuilt cable entry channels
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500 series
Small flanged ABS enclosure
Surface mounting housing for small assemblies
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1100 series
Recessed electronics enclosure
Deep internal space maximises electronic assembly capabilities
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2000 series
Multi-purpose ABS enclosure
General purpose electronic boxes for various IoT, industrial and commercial applications
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3400 series
End panel design ABS enclosure
Universal housing doubles up as a handheld enclosure
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4000 series
Panel lid boxes
General purpose ABS enclosure with a aluminium lid
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7000 series
Recessed designer ABS housing
Universal ABS cases with recessed lids suitable for large range of applications in the IoT industry
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82 series
Multi-purpose ABS plastic enclosure
General purpose electronics enclosure with silicon end cover accessories for added shock absorption
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83 series
Flanged ABS plastic enclosure
Surface mountable multipurpose housing for IoT, industrial or domestic applications
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84 series
Round edge ABS plastic enclosure
General purpose surface mountable enclosure with an easy clip together assembly method
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89 series
Terminal block junction box
IP65 enclosure with inbuilt junction terminals suitable for outdoor wiring assemblies
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22mm pushbutton
Standard electrical plastic enclosures
Purpose built push button enclosures for control applications
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Handheld plastic enclosures

CamdenBoss’ range of handheld plastic enclosures are ideal for a wide variety of industry sectors and electronic applications. A mixture of indoor and IP67 outdoor enclosures in many different styles, shapes and sizes to be selected.  From key fob plastic ABS enclosures with battery options and keyring lugs, soft grip handheld ABS enclosures and IP67 plastic enclosures are available as well as many accessories and enclosure covers.

2910 series
Plastic handheld ABS case
General purpose handheld enclosure suitable for applications that require battery power
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2950 series
Infrared pocket ABS cases
Comfortable handheld enclosure with optional battery compartment
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2955-20 series
Round ABS keyfobs with buttons
Keyfob control housing available with up to five buttons
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2955-40 series
Ergo keyfob ABS enclosure
Ergonomically shaped handheld housing suitable for wireless control applications
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2956 series
Eco keyfob ABS enclosure
Small keyfob housing suitable for RFID type applications
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2957 series
Eco keyfob ABS case
Economic handheld enclosure available with up to three buttons
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2970 series
Ergo T-style ABS case
Comfort hold handheld electronic device housing suitable for measuring applications
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45 series
Palm electronic enclosure
Ergonomic handheld enclosure available with a soft grip cover suitable for a wide range of control and test applications
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62 series
Ergonomic ABS keyfob enclosure
Stylish keyfob housing with recessed sides for overlays and keypads
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64 series
Handheld ABS enclosure
Clip together handheld enclosure ideal for compact equipment that requires recessed faces
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66 series
Handheld rubber corner ABS housing
Soft grip handheld enclosure suitable for various control, test and monitor type applications
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80 series
Slim ABS plastic enclosures
Low profile multipurpose handheld case featuring a recessed face and battery compartment options
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81 series
ABS keyfob case
Smooth ergonomic keyfob housing suitable for a range of IoT, RFID and control electronics
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87 series
Silicone cover ABS enclosures
General purpose handheld electronics housing with battery compartment and silicon cover options
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90 series
IP67 handheld ABS enclosures
Waterproof handheld enclosure suitable for harsher outdoor use for sensory, testing and monitoring type applications
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93 series
IP67 portable ABS keyfob enclosure
Water tight key fob enclosure with soft grip sides suitable for RFID, IoT and small control electronics
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Desktop and instrument plastic enclosures

Our desktop and instrument enclosures provide practicality and user friendly styles. Flanged options are available for comms type, surface mounted electronics. An IP67 plastic enclosure option is also available which has a sloped front and curved base, perfect for desktop applications and handheld operations.

21 series
IP67 desktop instrument enclosure
IP67 sealed electronic housings featuring a slight slope for ease of use desktop and handheld applications
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92 series
Comms boxes
Communications electronics enclosure featuring two detachable side panels for ease of component mounting
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94 series
Flanged comms box
Surface mount enclosure suitable for Wifi equipment, IoT electronics and industrial or commercial instruments
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Metal enclosures

Included in our range of metal enclosures are high end metal enclosures for upmarket audio and instrument equipment. We also offer diecast metal enclosures in multiple styles with surface mounting options and capability, heat sink enclosures, handheld cases, U shell enclosures, consoles and desktop style instrument cases.

IP54, IP65 and IP67 protection classes are available throughout the metal enclosures range.

55 series
Dura box
Handheld style metal instrument case manufactured from extruded aluminium
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85 series
Curved aluminium enclosure
Slide together extruded aluminium housings with screw on end panels ideal for upmarket audio equipment and IoT devices
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86 series
IP40 heatsink enclosure
Extruded aluminium heat sink enclosure ideal for audio, measure and control or display equipment
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88 series
IP67 heatsink cases
Robust electronics housing ideal for outdoor instrument equipment such as marine technology
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88 series
IP67 wall mounting heatsink cases
Surface mounting heat sink electronic enclosure suitable for outdoor applications in rugged and industrial environments
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95 series
IP40 heatsink enclosures
Aluminium electronics housing with heatsink capabilities suitable for power equipment, industrial instruments and audio
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96 series
Diecast aluminium box
IP67 rated aluminium diecast enclosure provides durable protection to the housed electronics
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97 series
High-end design aluminium box
Aesthetically pleasing aluminium enclosure with great prospects for upmarket audio, control and measurement devices
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97 series
Raspberry Pi design case
High end Raspberry Pi development board enclosure
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110 series
Instrument cases
Desktop style general purpose enclosure suitable for test, measurement and control and display electronics
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2600/2700 series
Terminal box
Slopped electronic equipment enclosure ideal for industrial instruments
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5000 series
Multi-purpose diecast enclosures
Robust aluminium diecast enclosure available in various sizes and colours for vast range of applications and industries
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5100 series
Stomp box diecast enclosure
Aluminium electronic enclosure ideal for a wide range of applications including a guitar pedal box (stomp box) or industrial control boxes.
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5500 series
Heavy duty diecast box
IP65 robust heavy duty diecast enclosure provides secure protection to the housed electronics
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Die-cast electrical
Aluminium housing
Heavy duty metal enclosure purpose built for push button applications such as emergency stops and selector switches for industrial machinery
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U shell
Aluminium box
Two part aluminium construction providing a lightweight housing for electronic devices
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Metal enclosures
Desktop instrument electronic enclosure suitable for industrial applications such as measure, control, display and test
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Development board plastic enclosures

Our development board enclosures are designed to provide all of the appropriate outlet and cable entry points available on the board, whilst providing protection. Our enclosures are compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi and Beagle bone development boards  The plastic enclosures are designed and fabricated using flat sheet plastic, and are available in a wide variety of colours, materials and finishes.

Development board enclosures
Fabricated U shell enclosures purpose built to house the Arduino development board
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Banana Pi
Development board enclosures
Custom made plastic housing manufactured specifically to enclose the Banana Pi development board
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Beagle bone
Development board enclosures
Beagle bone development board enclosure custom made from from HIPS material for the base and a PETg slide in lid
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Raspberry Pi
Development board enclosure
A selection of Raspberry Pi plastic enclosures to house different boards such as the A+ and 4B modules
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Raspberry Pi
Camera development board enclosure
Custom enclosure fabricated with the purpose of housing the Raspberry Pi camera module
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CUSTOM SIZED plastic enclosures

We offer a selection of custom sized plastic enclosures in a range of styles and materials such as HIPS and ABS. Our custom design process is used to fully fabricate a plastic enclosure based on the dimensions provided.

7510 series
Snap together box
Fabricate an enclosure of this style, built to your requirements in a choice of colours and materials. A snap fit design provides a quick assembly method for your plastic enclosure
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7520 series
Wall mount enclosure
Provide us with the details for your custom enclosure design. The snap fit construction lowers assembly times whilst the flanges provide a mounting option
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7530 series
Base and lid enclosures
The base and lid custom plastic enclosure provides you will a deep external space suitable for a vast selection of electronic devices and applications
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7540 series
Surface mount housings
Eliminate the need for endless enclosure searching, a fabricated enclosure is built around your requirements
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7550 series
End panel enclosures
Custom made plastic enclosure made to your unique requirements using a four piece construction
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7560 series
Flanged base enclosures
This four part snap together construction provides mounting flanges so that the fabricated enclosure can be securely fitted in its operating environment
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7570 series
Curved style boxes
Add a little aesthetic to your fabricated enclosure design with this plastic enclosure choice, made to fit your exact requirements
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7580 series
Tablet style housing
Our custom tablet enclosures are made to measure adding a protective case to a tablet or display of your choice
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7590 series
Flanged table style enclosure
Mount your custom tablet/display enclosure with the surface mounting option ideal for production and assembly applications
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Smartboxx process
Smartboxx fabricated plastic enclosures
To find out more about our custom enclosure services check out or Smartboxx process here
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